Swallow Falls

I recently had an inquiry about work inspired by Swallow Falls State Park. All of the paintings that I created around this subject matter have sold, so I thought it was time to create a few new ones. Here is the first of two, Runoff.

Original watercolor on paper

Endless Source at the Casselman River

If you follow my work, you may notice that one place that shows up often in my work is the Casselman River Bridge. The river is a tributary of the Youghiogheny River. There is a lot of history surrounding the river and bridge.

The historic bridge was built in the early 1800s as part of the National Road and the area is now known formally as Casselman River Bridge State Park. This location is also known as Little Crossings. Located east of Grantsville near Spruce Forest Artisan Village, it’s a popular place with fly fisherman. Sightseers traveling along Route 40 often visit to take a look around.

Below are some of my renderings. Click on each image to view availability.

Casselman Calm
Trout Season
Casselman in Winter
Casselman Sentinels

Working Boats and Waterways

The subject matter in my Working Boats and Waterways collection of art ranges from commercial fishing vessels to boats that ferry supplies along the seaboard and inland waterways.  I recently organized much of this work in a new gallery, which you can view here. Included here are a few examples that illustrate the scope of vessels I like to paint.


Cold River


Banks of the Ohio

Fishing Vessels

Following Sea

View the entire gallery here.

Our Laurel Highlands

Travel bloggers recently voted the Laurel Highlands region as one of the top thirty emerging travel regions on the entire planet.

Someone else’s new and shiny object is another’s tried and true treasure.  Our family has been enjoying the area for many years.  As newlyweds, the Queen Bee and I skied at Bear Rocks  and Laurel Mountain.   We spent most summer weekends boating on Youghiogheny River Lake, or the “Yough” as we referred to it.  Finally, we ended up recreating on Deep Creek Lake in nearby Garrett County, Maryland.  Technically, I don’t think Garrett County is considered part of the Laurel Highlands, but they share many similarities.

If you’re out of the area, now you have a new destination for your bucket list.

The Laurel Highlands inspired many of my paintings.  Pictured below is Aurelia, a historic home situated along the National Road in Addison, PA.


A Yough Afternoon reflects a wintry day on the Youghiougheny River.


Visit my Outdoor and Rural collections to see more Laurel Highlands inspiration.